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Lifeguard Classes by American Lifeguard Association

The Lifeguard classes by the American Lifeguard Association is the one to be recognized by Red Cross across USA; it constitutes a performance standard which ensures that holders of this patent can work anywhere in the country. This course is therefore designed to develop a thorough understanding of the principles of lifeguarding, good judgment and a responsible attitude towards the role of the lifeguard in an aquatic facility. You have the opportunity to specialize in one of four options in this course: Pool, Continental Beach, Ocean Beach, and Water Park.


With a Lifeguard – Swimming POOL certificate, you have much greater autonomy, since you are able to monitor the installation on your own. So your choices are not limited when it comes to choosing an aquatic facility in which to work. The majority of lifeguards choose this option.


Looking for more action? Water parks are hyper-diverse environments, where each attraction has its own peculiarities with which lifeguards must learn to work. In addition, several specific factors, such as slippery surfaces, traffic in structures and water flow, must be taken into account during monitoring, since they increase the risk of incidents. There is also a significantly higher number of rescues carried out in water parks than in any other type of aquatic environment.


The Lifeguard – Continental Beach certificate allows you to work on the beach of a lake or a river. This training is necessary, since these are environments greatly affected by the vagaries of nature. In addition, the presence of elements such as currents, sand, shimmering depths and the opacity of the water are important issues that you must be able to assess. You will also learn to use specialized tools to perform rescues, such as tube buoys and aquaplane.


Do you want to work by the sea or the ocean? Why not follow an incredible training in an exhilarating environment, Thanks to the Lifeguard – Oceanic certificate, you will be able to assess the challenges caused by strong currents, tides, huge waves, wavering depths, sand and underwater obstacles. The peculiarities of this environment also mean that the requirements in terms of physical condition are higher; if you are thirsty for a challenge, this is definitely the training for you!


  1. 40 hours for the pool option (excluding the final exam)
  2. 20 hours for the other options (if the candidate holds the National Lifeguard – Swimming pool certificate)


  • Be at least 15 YEARS OLD AT THE FINAL EXAM
  • Hold the Bronze Cross certificate
  • Hold the First Aid – General / DEA or Emergency Aquatic / DEA certificate
  • For the Aquatic Park option: hold the Lifeguard – Swimming pool certificate
  • For the Oceanic Beach option: hold the Lifeguard Certificate – Continental Beach


National Lifeguard, 2 years if used as a work permit

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