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On-Site Lifeguard Training

The American Lifeguard Association offers on site lifeguard training that can certify an individual as a lifeguard. The ALA’s on site program is designed to provide lifeguards with the necessary skills and knowledge to work in a variety of aquatic settings, including public pools, water parks, and waterfronts.

The ALA’s on site lifeguard training program is based on the National Lifeguard Service (NLS) standards, which were developed by the Lifesaving Society of Res cross. The NLS standards are recognized as the benchmark for lifeguard training and certification around the world.

The ALA’s on site lifeguard training program includes both theoretical and practical components. Participants will learn about water safety and rescue, first aid and CPR, and facility operations. They will also have the opportunity to practice their skills in a variety of aquatic settings.

The ALA’s on site lifeguard training program is available to anyone over the age of 16. It is perfect for individuals who want to become a lifeguard but can’t attend a traditional lifeguard certification course. The program is also ideal for lifeguards who need to recertify their certification.

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Targeted audience

Any lifeguard who is looking for a qualification to work in a natural environment (on beaches, at sea, in lakes, in bodies of water) with sufficient knowledge and skills to implement appropriate prevention and ensure safe rescue.

Persons holding or undergoing training in lifeguard.


The aim of the “on-site lifeguard training” teaching unit is to provide all learners with the additional skills necessary to carry out prevention, surveillance and rescue missions in the particular context of open swimming places in a natural environment. Free to the public, fitted out and legally authorized.

Training content

At the end of the training, the learner must be able to integrate into an evolving surveillance system and to implement coordinated operational rescue techniques using specialized equipment. In particular, he must be able to:

To situate its role and mission within an evolving system that can be adapted to current conditions;

Carry out an analysis of the particular risks present in its area;

To develop preventive actions adapted to the risks and practices in its area;

To participate in a monitoring system by implementing appropriate operational techniques and possibly implementing specific equipment;

To participate in a coordinated rescue action, in its area, or in the immediate vicinity thereof, using appropriate operational techniques or using specific equipment (fins, tube buoy, rope, rescue board);

To carry out the appropriate first aid measures (exit from the water, traumatized victim, accident of fauna and flora, drowning, thermal accident).

The “on site lifeguard training” may include an optional skill relating to the piloting of motorized watercraft. The acquisition of this optional skill should allow the learner to safely integrate these means during coordinated rescue actions.


The evaluation is permanent during the internship, it relates to the general behavior of the candidate alone or in a team and takes into account the actions carried out during the internship.

Training duration

The initial training is a minimum of 35 hours of face to face teaching.

Continuing training comes within the framework of the annual continuing training sessions for rescuers as defined in the regulatory texts.


Our trainers and have received specific training in the pedagogy applied to the employment of first aid and lifeguard trainer.

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