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Lifeguard training courses at American Lifeguard Association are great ways to get started in the lifeguarding profession. In addition to being physically fit and having good communication skills, lifeguards must also have the ability to perform CPR and first aid. Lifeguard courses teach students to deal with emergencies involving cuts, bleeding, broken bones, heart attack, stroke and other medical problems common at pools. It’s a smart idea for anyone who wants a career in aquatics management to take a basic life guarding course before applying for a full-time lifeguarding job or an aqua fitness program instructor position. These certification courses should be taken seriously because they can prepare people for safe working conditions while teaching them how to react during emergency situations.

American lifeguard Association offers all type of courses for lifeguards. They also offer CPR and first Aid classes. For more information on American lifeguard Association please visit our Lifeguard training, classes, and certification as well.

The ALA offers a variety of lifesaving courses, including basic and advanced lifeguarding, water safety instructor, CPR/AED and first aid. To find a course near you, visit the ALA website at www.americanlifeguardassociation.com or call (703-761-6750).

Both the American Red Cross and the American lifeguard Association are nationally recognized providers of lifesaving courses. See the categories and courses offered by ALA.



Bronze Medal (from 13 years old), Bronze Cross, National Lifeguard (from 15 years old) swimming pool / beach / water park, whitewater, etc.


First aid, General first aid, Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, etc.: Respond adequately to emergency situations in everyday life at home, at leisure, at daycare, at school, at work, etc.


Lifeguard instructor, National Lifeguard Instructor, Young Lifeguard Instructor, etc.: Teach first aid and rescue.


Pool and spa operator, Aquatic manager, WHMIS for aquatics and lifeguard, etc.: Specialized training in rescue, first aid, water management … As well as training to integrate rescue and first aid into one’s professional life, whether as a police officer, firefighter, construction worker, etc.

In collaboration with the American Red Cross, we offer the entire sequence of courses necessary to become a lifeguard: bronze medal, bronze cross, first aid – general / DEA, national lifeguard.

In collaboration with the American Red Cross, we offer training to become a lifeguard.

Bronze star (optional)

The Bronze Star is the first Bronze level certificate. It allows you to get started with rescue by learning to find solutions to various problems and make decisions as an individual and as a member of a team. You will learn how to resuscitate a victim who has stopped breathing and develop the life-saving skills necessary to become your own rescuer.

Bronze medal

The Bronze Medal certificate introduces the four basic components of lifesaving: judgment, knowledge, skills and physical fitness. You will learn towing, carrying, defending and clearing techniques in order to be prepared to rescue conscious and unconscious victims in increasingly risky situations.

Bronze cross

If you are looking for more advanced training to acquire basic notions in aquatic installation monitoring, the Bronze Cross certificate is for you. You will also learn how to rescue a victim with a deep end spinal injury and a submerged victim in cardiopulmonary arrest.

National lifeguard

The national Lifeguard certificate is the only one to be recognized across USA; it constitutes a performance standard which ensures that holders of this patent can work anywhere in the country. This course is therefore designed to develop a thorough understanding of the principles of lifeguarding, good judgment and a responsible attitude towards the role of the lifeguard in an aquatic facility. You have the opportunity to specialize in one of four options in this course: Pool, Continental Beach, Ocean Beach, and Water Park.

Fitness (optional)

If you want to keep in shape while learning to measure and improve your fitness, this class is for you.


Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Course

The Water Safety Instructor (MSA) course prepares candidates to teach Red Cross Swimming programs.

Applicants focus on strategies for introducing and perfecting physical conditioning activities, water safety techniques, and swimming techniques as part of the Red Cross programs.

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